we are finally launching friday fika!

after months of preparation we are excited to announce the webshop is open for shanghai orders.  we can promise you that we will deliver the most amazing swedish pastries you have ever experienced. welcome to place your order!



Lussekatter (20 pcs)

ingredients: yeast, butter, saffron, sugar, milk, salt, flour, egg, raisin.

¥ 350.00

Kärleksmums (20 pcs)

Ingredients: butter, sugar, egg, flour, cocoa, baking soda, vanilla sugar, milk, coffee., cococut flakes.

¥ 240.00

Silviakakor (20 pcs)

ingredients: egg, sugar, water, flour, baking soda, vanilla sugar, butter, coconut flakes.

¥ 160.00

Rulltårta (1 cake for 6 - 8 people)

ingredients: egg, sugar, flour, baking soda, water, rasberry jam.

¥ 90.00

Kokosbollar (15 pcs)

ingredients: butter, sugar, oats, vanilla sugar, cocoa, coffee, coconut flakes.

¥ 170.00

Kladdkaka (1 cake for 6 - 8 people)

ingredients: butter, sugar, egg, flour, cocoa, vanilla sugar, icing sugar, coconut flakes.

¥ 120.00

Semlor (15 pcs)

ingredients: milk, yeast, sugar, salt, butter, egg, flour, almond, cream, icing sugar.

¥ 410.00

Kolakakor (15 pcs)

ingredients: butter, sugar, syrup, flour, bicarbonate, vanilla sugar.

¥ 110.00

Kanelbullar (20 pcs)

ingredients: flour, butter, milk, yeast, sugar, salt, egg, cardamom, cinnamon, pearl sugar.

¥ 260.00